Art and Design Technology

This Summer Term Design Technology Topic is:

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

This term's goals for the National Curriculum are:


I can explore mark making with a variety of tools.  

I can sort, cut and shape objects and experiment ways of joining them. 

I can make marks using found objects and tools and use these to create repeating patterns. 


I can use artwork to record ideas, observations and experiences. 

I can experiment with different materials to design and make products.

This Term's Key Vocabulary


Weekly Tasks

This term we are learning about fruits and vegetables. Below you will find each week's learning and tasks to complete.

Week 1 Learning Task (Week beginning 1st June)

Sort the fruits and vegetables into those that grow above and beow the ground. You may chose to do this in a creative way such as a mobile or create a sorting cups or a diorama. Get creative! You can download the activity in Files to Download or draw your own. 


Something to Watch and Learn

Week 2 Learning Task (Week beginning 8th June)

It is important to eat a balanced, healthy diet. The food we eat can be sorted into food groups. Some we need a lot of, like fruits and veegtables, which we need to eat 5 servings of a day. Others, we should limit our intake to help our bodies stay healthy and strong. 

Use the food groups chart above to plan a healthy plate. Draw your plat and the foods you would eat on it. Or download the cut and paste activity in Files to Download



Something to Watch and Learn

Week 3 Learning Task (Week beginning 15th June)

When preparing a salad, it is important to follow safety rules. In order to create foods you like, it is important to evaluate what you have made so you can make improvements for future salads. 

Choose one of the root vegetable salads from the Files to Download to make and then evaluate your salad when you have eaten it. 

Here is one example: 


Week 4 Learning Task (Week beginning 22nd June)

Fish is an important source of vitamins and minerals. This week your learning is based on fish. 

Fishy Facts: Write some fishy facts on strips of paper and create some fishy spinners. 


Week 5 Learning Task (Week beginning 29th June)

Creating a dish you eat is a design process. Chefs go through this process within their work. They plan, make and evaluate the food they make. 

This week, you have the opportunity to follow a recipe and evaluate it.

(Please note: if you are allergic to any ingredients, please swap them for other ingredients e.g. chicken for tuna)

Tick off the design technology processes you have used.  


Week 6 Learning Task (Week beginning 6th July)

This week, create a different kind of salad. A fruit salad!

A fruit salad is a great way of making eating your five serves of fruit and vegetabe a day exciting and delicious. 

Draw and label all of the fruits and vegetables you can think of. Use detail and real colours. 

Week 7 Learning Task (Week beginning 13th July)

This week, create any healthy salad you would like. You might make a fruit salad, root vegetable salad or pasta salad. 

 Use the examples from throughout the term to help you. 

Design. Make. Evaluate. 




Files to Download

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