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Creative Arts

During Autumn 1 we are completing an Art Topic - 'People in Action'


We shall gain an insight into movement art, looking at the work of various artists and famous artwork as well as creating a variety of out own artwork of 'people in action'.

We shall cover these objectives:

  • KS2 - to create sketch books to record their observations
  • KS2 - use sketchbooks to review and revisit ideas
  • KS2 - to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing with a range of materials
  • KS2 - to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including painting with a range of materials
  • KS2 - about great artists in history

Children will start by exploring some examples of artwork that show movement, particularly body movement. They will then practise some poses and slow-motion movements together before sketching some of these poses from first-hand observation. 

Children will explore how the features of the face change when engaged in physical activity, with a variety of images to study and imitate. They can then have a go at sketching some different facial expressions and look at how the expression on cartoon faces can be altered with a few simple tricks.

Children will study the work of different artists who portray movement in their work, including Muybridge, Boccioni and Delaunay, and look at different techniques used to create the illusion of movement. They can then use these pieces as the inspiration for their own examples of movement art.  

Children will find out what a montage is and look at some examples. They will then explore how they can create a montage that gives the illusion of movement by the repeated placement of a figure. They can add their own features to their montages to express their creativity.

In Focus: The scandalous child of Empire, the murderous photographer and  the woman who fatally brought them together - Country Life


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