The Early Learning Goals to achieve by the end of Reception:

Communication and Language:

Our new topic this Summer Term is all about Dinosaurs!



Monday 29th June:

-To predict the ending of a story. 

1) Look at the front cover with your child. Discuss possible ideas of what you think the book will be about. Write your ideas down.

2) Click on the picture above, listen to the story. Stop half way through when drip runs away (4.24mins). We will now predict what we think may happen.

Ask the following questions:

Where is he going?
Who is he going to meet? 
Will they help him?
Will he find his family?


Tuesday 30th June:

Predict how you think the story may end from yesterday's lesson.

Write a few sentences and draw some pictures- this will be your English writing task this week.


Wednesday 1st July:

1) Summarise the story so far, Re-read the story and stop when the tree drops over
the river (5:39 mins).

2) What will happen?

Possible answers (for guidance); 

The T-Rex family eat Drip
The T – Rex family say sorry
The T –Rex family make
friends with the other

Ask your child why they think that will happen/ what the characters will say/ how they will feel.


Thursday 2nd July:

1) Today we will be listening to the rest of the story. Click the picture above to listen to the story the whole way through. Were your predictions right?

2) After listening, ask the following questions to your child:

What is the story about?

Why didn't drip want to eat meat?

How did drip feel when he lived with T-rex's?

What was the T-rex scared of?


Friday 3rd July:

1) Summarise the story we have been reading. What has happened so far?

What have we been doing? (predicting). What does the word predict mean?

2) What happens next?

The T- Rex return to say sorry
The Duckbill dinosaurs have a
The Duckbill dinosaurs go on
adventure – where can they go?

3) Discuss all options and come up with your own predictions. 


I will be keeping up last week's work so that more of you have time to access and complete it. Remember to send in your work once you have completed it! 

If you have completed the work. Click here to access the colour monster book. Talk to your child about how they are feeling at the moment. What do they miss/who do they miss/what they can do about it.


Monday 15th June:

This week we are looking at our new book: Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs. 

1) Click on the picture below to listen to the story. 

2) After listening to the book, ask your child the following questions:

What happened to Harry’s dinosaurs?
Where did he find the dinosaurs?
How did he find the dinosaurs at the end?


Tuesday 16th June:

1) Re-cap on book read yesterday. What can you remember? Get your child to have a go at re-telling the story using full sentences. 

2) Why was this man looking at Harry? Create a big speech bubble and come up with ideas that this man may be thinking. 


Wednesday 17th June:

1) What would you like to ask Harry? Would you like to find out about his Dinosaurs or other things about him?

Come up with questions to ask Harry beginning with the 5 W's above.

Explain to your child that after asking a question we have to use the ? symbol.


Thursday 18th June:

Have a go at using a computer/tablet and emailing your questions from yesterday to "Harry". Use the eyfs email to send the email to- I look forward to receiving them!


Friday 19th June:

Complete the Writing task underneath.



In Reception, children do 1 writing task a week in their green Literacy books. Therefore, please ensure that your child completes the set writing activity each week which will be posted below weekly. Once this is done, please send to the class email address so I can have a look and even place some on this page!


Practise writing the 5 w's in a variety of ways. Use different arts and crafts in your house

Use pasta/rice/glitter/felt tips/bubble writing/cardboard/paper

Remember to include the question marks!







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