Reading is the most important thing you can do for your education.

Please continue to read daily and record this in your reading records. In the front of your reading response books are our reading response challenges - aim to do at least 5 a week. 

Parents- please see the reading question prompts supplied in the file section for ideas on the type of questioning you could use. 

Once your child has finished reading their current books, further books can be sourced for free from a number of locations. For example:

  • is great for online books and it is free to register a home account

  • Amazon also do free children's ebooks on their website - you do not need a kindle to access these digital texts. 



Book Reviews

Have you recently finished a story? Would you recommend it to a friend? Create a book review, take a picture and get a parent to email it to and I'll put the review on this webpage. Let's share our love of reading! You can use the template provided below or create your own. Your work should be neatly published though!

Recommended Texts for 6-11 year olds:


Do you miss hearing a story being read? This link has celebrities reading 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', a chapter at a time.

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