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Our Science topic for this two term is  'Animals including Humans'.
  • You could have a look at the gestation period for different animals and draw a graph to represent your findings.
  • You could create a visual Human timeline that highlights the changes our bodies go through whilst we are living. Think about changes from babies to toddlers, and then children to teenagers.
  • Hamilton Trust also have some free science resources for you to use at home. Click the picture to take you to the Year 5 Science page.
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Some other useful Science links



Our History topic for this term is been 'The Indus Valley'. This historical place, is in Asia. Perhaps you could do some extra research and find out where...

There are some fact cards to download, as well as some challenge cards to keep you busy.


To keep you going with this topic I have given some project ideas for you to have a go at. 
If you go to Hamilton Trust there is lots of information to support you with your projects. Feel free to complete it however you like - Powerpoint presentation, poster, leaflet. It's completely up to you.


Our next Geography topic is a 'Local Area Study'. As we live in London, the capital city of England, there are many interesting fetures for you to look at. Here are some things to have a go at:

  • you could try and draw a map of your local area. Think about drawing a key the help you identify some aspects.
  • make a list of people who work in key jobs in your area. You could then present your information using a graph or a pie chart.
  • see if you can remember the layout of the school - make a map
  • have a loolk at toursit destintions n London - make a presentation persuading people to come and visit London



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