Spelling and Handwriting

It would be greatly helpful if your child could practice their handwriting every day. These are the statutory spellings for year 3 and 4, which are what the children need to be able to spell by the end of year 4. I would recommend 2 - 3 lines of each word in their exercise books. After this, they can try to use each word in a sentence.



Spelling Objective/Focus Words: bicycle, material, occasion(ally), recent, separate, strange, various


A mysterious note has been found:

I am writing to you as I need help in finding an answer to a difficult problem. These objects have recently come into my possession (in fact - they were left in my bicycle basket by a strange man who I did not notice) and, while I cannot be certain, I feel there is some kind of mystery within them. There are various items: all found on the beach but come from under the ocean, items of different materials, separate sections of strange objects and the occasional object that seems to be older than the others. What could this all mean? Please help!


Can you be word-detectives and find the words that match these clues? Use magnifying glasses!

1. Where were the photos left?

2. This word means different kinds or types.

3. What things are made of...

4. From time to time.

5. Not joined to or touching anything.

6. Unusual or peculiar.

7. Something that happened not long ago

Now you can practise these words in your exercise books for some handwriting pracitce!

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