Our History topic this half-term is all about Ancient Eygpt. 

Look at these artefacts - what can we learn about the egyptians from these historic items?






Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

This film gives  a basic introduction.


There is so much information Ancient Eygpt online. The below websites are brilliant!



Look at the topic menu below. Choose at least 2 purple tasks and 5 in total from across the grid. Take pictures of your work and send to me at There are files to download and links below the grid to help/inspire you. Please be inspired Year 4 - I would like pictures and I would like to show how amazing you are on our superstar wall.

ImaImagine you have just discovered an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Write a description of what it is like as you walk through.

Research and report back on one part of Ancient Egyptian life eg food, sports, homes, technology, farming, the River Nile. Record this in a Power Point with relevant pictures.

Make an Ancient Egypt information booklet for Year 3 to help them with this topic next year. Add sub headings and pictures to make it interesting.



WritCreate a timeline of the Egyptian Civilisation, showing the main events and work out how long it was between these.

Draw and label a map of Egypt, including some of the physical features such as the Nile.

Research the River Nile – what happens during the different seasons? Why was it so important to the Egyptians? How long did the different seasons last? How high was the River Nile?

CreWrite your name and the names of 3 friends or family members in hieroglyphics.


Create an Egyptian themed board or card game and teach friends or family members how to play.

Create a portrait of an Egyptian God or Goddess.

ReResearch and write about the daily life of an Egyptian – is it better than yours? Explain why.


Explain if you prefer the Egyptians or the Anglo-Saxons and explain why – try to convince me!

Can you make some Egyptian style jewellery? Look carefully at the colours used.



Files to Download

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