Stars of the Week

Welcome to our St George's Hall of Fame page for our wonderful Stars of the Week!


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Below you will find the Mathletics Leader Boards. 




Mathletics Leader Table 20th - 27th September:


Position Class  Live Points Activity Points  Total Points
1st 6 3,334 20,590 23,924
2nd  5 5,860 5, 088 10,948
3rd  2 9,470 420 9,890
4th  4 9,590 54 9,644
5th  1 290 6 296
6th  3 0 39 39

Well done to everyone who participated!

Check back here each Monday for the previous week's scores. 



Congratulations to the following children for receiving the most points in their class last week: 

Class Name Total Points
YR Shirley Hughes    
Y1 Julia Donaldson Trayvon 200
Y2 Michael Rosen Daniella 3,110
Y3 Roald Dahl Hannah 39
Y4 Michael Morpurgo Torian 1,690
Y5 David Walliams Ayo 2,520
Y6 Valerie Bloom Jhohan 2,915








To earn points, complete all of your assigned Mathletics activities, access activities by yourself and play live!

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