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What are we reading in class?

To start with we will be continuing our RWI Phonics session everyday.

Some children are reading and responding to questions in class. At the moment, we are reading 'The Street Beneath my Feet' and 'Too Small Tola'.


Too small tole.jpeg


In Year 2, children will take home three books a week- two books (a RWI book and a colour-coded book from our old reading scheme at their level) for your child to read to you, and a book that they can read with you (this can be a storybook at bedtime, for example). Reading books are changed once a week at school.

Parents, it is also helpful if you listen to your child read at least once or twice in a week just to check they are reading properly. There is a list of reading prompts to support you and your child reading at home at the bottom of the page.


We aim to foster a love of reading in the children as they learn to read - storytime is an important part of our day! We do Guided Reading everyday. This is less about focusing on what reading level the children are at; it is more focused on their comprehension skills and exposure to a range of different reading texts.

Storytime is a part of the day that children also love.

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