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Our topic for the second half of the Summer term poses the question,

'How does worship and liturgy enable a Christian to grow and express their faith?'

This week, to continue our new topic, I would like you to read through the following information and then discuss any ideas or questions with an adult.

Christian worship has always followed patterns. These patterns have become known as ‘liturgy.’ Christians use liturgy as a name for the patterns of worship which are found in Christian churches. In The Church of England there are liturgies for all kinds of worship and worship for many different occasions. 
The Christian faith follows the Liturgical year. The annual cycle of the Christian year allows Christians to commemorate the life and ministry of Christ, to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit which led to the foundation of the early Church and to recall the ministry of the apostles and martyrs who spread the Christian faith. 

The different seasons are in the liturgical year: - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ordinary Time, (including the Presentation of Christ in the Temple,) Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time, (following Pentecost.) Create a large class Liturgical Calendar that can be used in the classroom / hall to show the particular liturgical season that the Christian church is in at any given time. 

What experiences have you had of the use of liturgy?

In school?

In church?

In the cathedral?

In worship that you may have taken part in / attended outside of school?

What effect did the liturgy have on you? 


Now please look at the powerpoint, attached below, about the different liturgical colours at different times of the year.

This week I would like you to choose how to display the different colours of the parts of the liturgical year. the attached work shows a way of doing this, but fele free to choose a different way, such as a poster or list in the different colours. Please use the different colours so that it looks atractive!


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