This Summer Term 1 topic for Science is:

Revision of the Year's Topics 

This Term's goals for the National Curriculum are:

I can make observations. 

I can classify and sort. 

I can identify and name

I can label. 

Week 1 Learning Task (Week beginning 1st June) 

Animals Including Humans


Your task:

Create a poster of animal types. Use the headings and then list and/or draw some or all of the animals in the photos into the correct type by sorting them. 




Week 2 Learning Task (Week beginning 8th June) 

What do animals eat?




Create a poster of animals and what they eat. Sort the animals in the pictures into the columns.

Each animal's diet is pictured underneath. 


Week 3 Learning Task (Week beginning 15th June) 

Everyday Materials

Find and draw an example of an object made from each type of material in your house. 

Week 4 Learning Task (Week beginning 22nd June) 

Everyday Materials

Watch the video and complete the activity by clicking on the image below. 

Week 5 Learning Task (Week beginning 29th June) 

Everyday Materials

Read about the properties of materials below.  

Create a table and sort thee materials into hard or soft.  


Week 6 Learning Task (Week beginning 6th July) 

Everyday Materials

Read about the properties of materials below.  


Sort the materials into natural or humman made. Ask yourself the question: Can I find this out in nature r does it have to be made?

Week 7 Learning Task (Week beginning 13th July) 

Everyday Materials


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