Year 3's Trip to the Transport Museum

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 1:31pm

On Thursday 3rd March, Year 3 took the bus all the way to Covent Garden to visit the Transport Museum. We particularly liked crossing the the river over Waterloo Bridge to get there !

First we explored the museum and tried out lots of different vehicles for size. We even got to drive some buses and trains. But some of us said that we would not like to be a tube driver - we thought we would have to concentrate too much! We then took part in a workshop all about Carribean culture and history. Our guide, Valentine, taught us all about the difference the people of the Windrush generation made by coming over to Britain and working on the buses and trains. He even told us that his Dad was a bus driver, which we found really interesting. Thank you London Transport Museum for a great day.