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Religious Education

Religious Education at St George's CE Primary

Religious Education is of central importance to St George’s and contributes towards its Christian distinctiveness as a Church of England school. We view it as an essential core subject, alongside English, Mathematics and Science. We are an inclusive school, and ensure that Religious Education (RE) is appropriate for all pupils, whatever background they come from.

The school's Christian Distinctiveness underpins all subjects across the school curriculum. You will find Theological Underpinning within each subjects' curriculum planning on the individual topic pages on our website or read about how each subject: addresses spiritual growth and development; relates to Biblical references and is important to Christians here.

St George’s CE Primary has elected to follow the Southwark Diocese Board of Education (SDBE) syllabus. This syllabus (curriculum) ensures the school’s Christian distinctiveness is maintained, whilst providing a curriculum which enables students to learn about and from a variety of other principal world faiths.

You can find out more about the Southwark Diocese Board of Education (SDBE) by clicking on the image below:

Religious Education Curriculum at St George's

Throughout the school year pupils in KS1 and KS2 will study religious topics that equate to 4 half-term units of Christianity and 2 half-term units of the other principal world faiths, in accordance with recommendations from SDBE. 

For Foundation Stage (EYFS) the curriculum involves:

6 half-term units with wider themes that fit in with Early Learning Goals and have a strong Christianity focus, but are flexible enough for other faiths to be included as appropriate to the pupils' and schools' context.

St George's CE Primary Curriculum Units

Religious Education Targets

There are two different types of attainment targets which the school aims to achieve within each unit presented to students. These targets are presented in child friendly 'I can' statements, which you can read here.  

Attainment Target 1 (AT1): Learning About Religion

This attainment target aims to enable pupils to develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of religion in reference to the following three areas: beliefs, teaching and sources; practises and ways of life; and forms of expression. 

Attainment Target 2 (AT2): Learning From Religion

This attainment target aims to enable pupils to relate their learning about religion to their own lives. It gives them the opportunity to answer key questions and reflect e.g How does this relate to me? What do I think? What is my interpretation and evaluation?

This attainment target focuses on pupils’ responses and insights in reference to: identity and belonging; meaning, purpose and truth; and values and commitments.

Whole School Religion Days

St George's holds a whole school RE Day twice a year to encourage community cohesion where each class participates in an exploration of a Christian faith concept. Pupils may participate in activities such as Godly Play, artwork creation and immersion into Christian stories. By the end of the day each class produces a display for the hall, and a school Collective Worship celebrates the children's achievements.

Diddy Disciples

St George's CE Primary School welcomes the church vicar Mother Sarah each week to lead a Diddy Disciples session for Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2. Diddy Disciples is a form of worship which aims to encourage participation, discipleship and leadership from children’s earliest years, using storytelling, singing, colour, repetition, art and lots and lots of movement!

You can find out more about it by clicking on the image below: 

School Religious Education Policy

St George's CE has developed a RE Policy in order to highlight the importance of the topic within the school. To find out more about religious education at St George's you can download it here.


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