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Spring Term 2022 Welcome Back 

Dear Parents and Guardians

2022: Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you have all had an enjoyable Christmas break with your families and that Covid isolation and illness has not impacted too many of you. As we embark upon the Spring Term, we are excited to launch your child’s new termly topics with them and see their enthusiasm and keenness to learn shine through- something we are, as always, so proud of at St George’s.  We will continue to revisit and reinforce basic skills to support the closing of COVID-19 gaps in learning caused by previous lockdowns and school closures. I have included in the following information, details, reminders and updates that I hope you will find useful to support your child’s return to school for the Spring Term.

Covid-19 Updates

Earlier this week, the Department for Education released updated guidance for schools but there is very little that has changed for primary settings. As throughout the pandemic, St George’s continues to ensure that health and hygiene is a priority. Children will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands frequently – as they arrive at school, after breaks, before and after lunch and at other regular intervals. The classroom will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day and staff will ensure that regularly used touchpoints and tables are wiped down throughout the day. The school will continue to be well ventilated, therefore please ensure that you send your child into school with their jumpers/cardigans.

Staff will continue to wear a face-covering when moving around corridors and communal areas within the school. They are not required to wear a face-covering when outdoors. With regards to our children, the health advice continues to state that children in primary school are not required to wear face coverings and should not be asked to wear one. As parents, the choice continues to be yours as to whether you wear a mask when outside on school site, however, although phone and email correspondence is still the preferred method of communication with the school, if there is a need for you to enter the school building, a face covering must be worn unless you are exempt.

As always, our school’s risk assessment is available for you to view on our school website (under the ‘Parents’ tab and then ‘Covid-19 Information’).

Given positive Covid-19 cases looking likely to continue to rise, testing is the most effective way to reduce the risk of transmission and support the continuation of face-to-face education. Staff in school will continue with their testing twice weekly to help us to stay ahead of the virus by quickly spotting new outbreaks and planning our response. We also thank the families of St George’s that are supporting and engaging with the LFD testing process at home and would encourage families to do so.

We will do all we can to keep school as “normal” as possible for your children in the coming weeks, however, it is feared that Covid illness/isolation periods may impact upon staffing levels. Any communication regarding updates will be via our text messaging service and I thank you in advance for working with us and supporting us, as you have done so since March 2020 when this pandemic began.

Reminder: If your child displays symptoms of coronavirus…

If your child displays any of the above coronavirus symptoms, please ensure that they self-isolate and that you book them in for a PCR test ( and not use a lateral flow device. Children’s test results need to be continued to be emailed into the school email address:

Updated Self-Isolation Guidance

As I am sure that you are aware, if you or your child does test positive on a PCR test, the guidance regarding self-isolation periods has been updated. Please ensure that you have read this guidance fully: guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection

Below is a useful visual, taken from the guidance, outlining the changes to the isolation period (ending self-isolation early using LFD tests if you are double jabbed or under 18 years of age).

Thank you once again for your continued support with our requests for a PCR test when your child presents with symptoms of Covid-19 in school: a new cough, temperature and loss of taste and smell. Additionally, thank you for your support in carrying out PCR tests for additional illnesses, as requested by our local public health team. Our direction from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), based on local infection profiles, has been to take a cautionary approach to people who are unwell enough not to be at school. This includes advice for anyone who is unwell enough not to attend school for any reason, to be strongly advised to get a PCR test and not to return to school unless their test result is negative, and they feel well; and if any parents choose not to have their child tested, they should keep their child home until 48 hours after symptoms have cleared.

Your continued support helps us immensely with our monitoring and reporting of cases to the Local Authority and in our quest to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19 within the school.

Contingency plans for outbreaks

We continue to have remote education plans in place which have been shared with you previously.

School Uniform

As a school, we are proud of our school uniform and we very much appreciate your adherence to our uniform expectations. Uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to our school ethos and help to set an appropriate tone. Please ensure that you advise class staff as to why your child isn’t wearing any aspect of the school uniform at any time so that they do not have to approach you unnecessarily. We thank you in advance for supporting us in upholding our standards.

School Uniform requirements!

  • Navy Blue V-neck jumper or cardigan with logo
  • White cotton shirt (not polo shirts)
  • School tie
  • Grey trousers or skirts
  • Grey or black socks or tights
  • Black shoes

A few reminders regarding uniform:

  • Plain black shoes must be worn
  • We do not allow the wearing of jewellery other than one pair of stud earrings
  • Nail varnish and make-up are also not allowed.
  • Please ensure that all uniform is clearly labelled.

Curriculum and Termly Homework

Within the next few days, Class Teachers will be updating their curriculum pages on the website providing you with an overview of your child’s Spring Term topics and the key skills they will be covering in each subject area. These will also provide you with a reminder of key year group information.

Breakfast Club

St George’s resumes as normal from tomorrow, Wednesday 5th January 2022, for Reception up to Year 6. The breakfast club runs from 7.30 am. As explained previously, taking a precautionary approach to the spreading of Covid-19, although children from different year groups will be based within the same area when using this provision, year groups will remain distanced from each other.

Upcoming Dates

Year 5 residential to Magdalen Farm– 24th to 26th January

Internet Safety Day – Tuesday 8th February

February Half Term -WB 14th February

Children Mental Health Week – WB 21st February

Book Week – WB 28th February

STEM Week -WB 14th March

Easter Holidays – Friday 1st April

I do hope that 2022 is positive and kind, bringing us all happiness and good health.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Rojas


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