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How to make a fossil, by Miss Bougeard

Making a Sukkah, by Miss Turner

Maths Learning - Place Value, by Miss Bougeard

We Are Artists!, by Miss Bougeard

Maths Learning, by Miss Turner

Art Illusions !, by Miss Lozano

A response from the Mayor!, by Miss Turner

Making Pizzas!, by Miss Kubeyinje

Black and British, by Miss Hales

Perfect Pizzas- Topping tasting, by Miss Kubeyinje

How to make a Mummy, by Miss Turner

Police School Visit, by Mr Rojas

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables!, by Miss Bougeard

Year 6 Fairground Rides, by Ms Frankau

Year 3 Sandwiches, by Miss Lozano

Year 4 Body Persussion, by Miss Turner

Friday Music, by Miss Hales

Ducklings!, by Miss Hammans

Buzzer Games in Year 4, by Miss Turner

Welcome to Our Class Website, by Miss Trimble

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