Creative Arts - Art Summer 1

During Summer 1 we will be completing a Art unit.


Key Disciplines:  Architecture, Drawing, Sketchbooks, Collage, Making

Themes: Habitat, Community, Culture, Purpose

Aims:  Children the opportunity to explore architecture. We start with an exploration of architects and some of the ways they work.

Outcomes: To develop an architectural model based on the world around them.

13 Iconic Artworks by Antoni Gaudí

Key Art Skills:

I have explored the work of some architects. I have seen that they design buildings, and that “architecture” can be large, incredible buildings, or smaller places near where I live.

I can share how architecture makes me feel, what I like and what I think is interesting.

I can use my sketchbook to help me look at architecture really carefully. I have used drawings and notes. I have explored line and shape.

I have seen how architects use their imaginations to try to design buildings which make people’s lives better and I can use my own imagination when thinking about architecture I might design.

I can make an architectural model of a building around a theme thinking about form, structure and balance, and the way the model looks.

I can explore a variety of materials and explore how I can reshape the materials and fasten them together to make my model.

I have seen that I don’t need to design on paper first; that I can design as I make.

I have reflected upon what I have made, shared it with others, and been able to share my thoughts about my own piece and the models of my classmates.

I can used digital media to document my work, including taking photographs and short videos.