Creative Arts


Autumn 1

This half-term we are completing an art unit all about construction.

Our learning question is: How can we draw a spiral?

Key Disciplines:  Drawing, Collage, Sketchbooks

Themes: Pattern, Structure, Movement, Growth, The Human Body, Sound

Key Concepts:

  • That drawing is a physical and emotional activity. That when we draw, we can move our whole body.
  • That we can control the lines we make by being aware of how we hold a drawing tool, how much pressure we apply, and how fast or slow we move.
  • That we can draw from observation or imagination.
  • That we can use colour to help our drawings engage others

In this unit, the children will design, make and evaluate their own model houses. 

We shall be learning to:

·         I can draw from my fingertips, my wrist, my elbow, my shoulder, my body.

·         I can make a drawing using a continuous line for a minute or two.

·         I have made a sketchbook (or perhaps decorated the cover of a bought sketchbook) and I feel like it belongs to me.

·         I can draw from observation for a few minutes at a time.

·         I can make different marks with different drawing tools. I have seen the different marks I can make with a soft pencil, a graphite stick and a handwriting pen.

·         I have explored how water affects the graphite and pen and explored how I can use a brush to make new marks.

·         I can make choices about which colours I’d like to use in my drawing.

·         I have seen the work of an artist and listened to how the artist made the work. I have been able to share how I feel about the work.

·         I can talk about what I like in my drawings, and what I’d like to try again.

·         I can take photos of my artwork.

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