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Autumn 2 2023

In Year 3 English sessions, we take the time to focus on and master key skills for writing from the Year 3 curriculum. Each day, your child will practise a key skill and then complete a piece of writing where the skill should be embedded. This half term we will be looking at two fantastic writing texts; 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl and 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson



In this unit for The BFG children will have opportunities to explore the main characters, make predfiuctions and comparisons with similar texts and further opportunities to explore Roald Dahl's (and the BFG's unique) use of language.


In the unit for The Tin Forest children will look at ways that the rubbish could be sifted and sorted, and even recycled into something new.  Children will explore the main character and the journey he goes through in clearing up the rubbish around his little house and transforming it into a beautiful forest of tin.  Through the Writing Root, children write in role as the old man, producing diary entries and wishes and also write a postcard to him to pass on some advice. The sequence of learning finishes with children writing a persuasive piece to encourage others to protect an area in the local environment.  This book would work well alongside learning on conservation, climate change and the plant life cycle.




Here is what is expected by children in English at the end of Year 3. Parents and carers, please have a read and familiarise yourself with what your child is aiming towards:





















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