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Summer 2 2023

In Year 3 English sessions, we take the time to focus on and master key skills for writing from the Year 3 curriculum. Each day, your child will practise a key skill and then complete a piece of writing where the skill should be embedded. This half term we will be looking at two fantastic writing texts; 'Cloud Tea Monkeys' and 'Nen and the Lonely Fishermen.'



In this unit for Cloud Tea Monkeys we will:

. Experience an immersive session where we smell and taste a range of different teas before creating descriptive statements to describe a tea.
. Explore language activities to stimulate grammatical development and reading comprehension skills.
. Write letters of thanks to the monkeys.
. Research, plan and then write a non-chronological report on tea, the tea-trade and traditions relating to tea.

In the unit for Nen and the Lonely Fishermen we will:

. explore and discuss a treasure chest of mysterious objects to support us in making predictions about the story.

. Explore the text through a range of tasks which include reading skills, book talk, explicit grammar teaching in context, vocabulary building and shorter written outcomes.

. Make predictions and explore the themes of the text, before developing their understanding of the characters to support them to write a character description in the form of a lonely-hearts advert.

. Infer characters’ thoughts and feelings through freeze-framing, thought bubbles and diary entries.

. Explore how to use language to change atmosphere and create deeper imagery through the use of different descriptive literary techniques.

. Writing our own version of Nen and the Lonely Fisherman, with twists to the original plot and characters and making comparisons to the traditional tale The Little Mermaid. 



Here is what is expected by children in English at the end of Year 3. Parents and carers, please have a read and familiarise yourself with what your child is aiming towards:





















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