Maths Summer Term


This term we will be focusing on numbers 1-10 and learning to reach our Early Learning Goal's (ELGs) for the term!

Number Numerical Patterns


  • Subitise (recognise without counting quantities) numbers to 5
  • Automatically recall (without reference to
    rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds
    up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some
    number bonds to 10, including double facts.
  • Have a deep understanding of number to 10, including the composition of the numbers
  • Verbally count beyond 20, recognising the
    pattern of the counting system. 
  • Compare quantities up to 10 in different
    contexts, recognising when one quantity is
    greater than, less than or the same as the
    other quantity.  
  • Explore and represent patterns within
    numbers up to 10, including evens and odds,
    double facts and how quantities can be
    distributed equally.s

Maths Mastery 


This term for Maths we have been continuing to practise our understanding of number.

We have been deepening our mathematical knowledge and understanding the composition of numbers 1-10.


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Pin on Number



We will be referring to Numberblocks a lot during our Maths lessons! Children are encouraged to watch this at home. Find it on BBC iplayer!


Numberblocks at home | NCETM