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Metric Units

Imperial Units Converting units of time Time Tables



This week, the helpful videos are available on the White Rose website. The sheets will be attached in the email as usual.

There will be some revision and also some new areas we have not tried yet. Just have a go, when we come back we will go over anything we have missed so don't panic.

White Rose Maths    Mathletics

It is important that you continue to work at your Maths as it means you will be in a good position for Year 6.


Times Tables

Times Tables is an easily accessible resource - either using just pencil and paper or by using these useful websites below: 


General Maths

I have set Mathletics - the children have been given their login details. You can click on the image below to take you to the log in page.



Remember, we still need to cover Perimeter, Area and Volume; Translating and Reflecting shapes; Long Division and Multiplication; Angles; Fractions, Percentages and Decimals; and Conversions of Units of Measurement, before you start Year 6! 


White Rose Maths have support with home learning, focussing on Percentages, Decimals and Fractions. at the moment. Please use their free resources as they are extremely helpful. You can find their videos and activities by using the image below.


Files to Download

Each week I will upload the Problems and Challenges that you can complete. At a later date I will upload some assessments to refresh memories of other topics we have covered in Maths this year.
Have fun!

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