At St. George's we use a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics which is rich in contextual understanding and uses many visual and concrete resources to ensure all children comprehend.



Spring 1 - This half-term we are focusing on Spine 2: Multiplication and Division

We will be studying:

Spine 2.16: Multiplicative contexts: area and perimeter 1 (Review from Year 4)
Students use addition and multiplication to solve problems around the perimeter of irregular and regular 2D shapes, and to find the area of rectilinear shapes.




Spine 2.20: Multiplication with three factors and volume.
Students will use multiplication to calculate the volume of cuboids and shapes comprised of several cuboids; use division to solve associated inverse problems.


Spine 2.22:
Combining multiplication with addition and subtraction
Students learn to combine multiplication with addition and subtraction. They will also use brackets to change the order of operations.



Mathletics Homework

Please continue to complete Mathletics work for homework weekly. This homework links with the current learning happening in class.

You can also challenge yourself with the live mathletics section of the website. If you need a reminder of your username and password, please email me on


Times tables

Children are expected to know their timestables to 12 x 12 and associated division facts fluently. Each week we complete a varied table practise test to increase speed. After the test, Children are asked to identify which timestable they need to work on independently at home. Children have access to Times Tables Rock Stars which they can play at home and even challenge friends and teachers!








Place Value Supplementary Games:


Measurement Supplementary Games:


Addition and Subtraction Supplementary Games:



Properties of Shape Supplementary Games:


Statistics Supplementary Games:


Position and Direction Supplementary Games:


Timestables Supplementary Games:








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