Phonics and Reading

At St Georges, we teach phonics for 30 minutes a day based on the Read Write Inc Phonics Scheme, which is a comprehensive, synthetic phonics programme that teaches children how to read and write.

For Phonics lessons, children are grouped according to their phonic stage not their age. Small groups of children are taught together from across the infants. Through frequent assessment children are able to progress fluidly through the groups as their understanding and ability increases. 

Parents: Please watch these videos to learn more about Read Write Inc Phonics.


You can also find more information at:

and even more at - including printable resources:

Remember to use Fred the Frog to read and write

Fred is a frog puppet who says, reads and spells words in pure sounds; he never says the whole word so the children do this for him. He never adds ‘uh’ after a consonant sound e.g. fuh, luh (a slight ‘uh’ cannot be helped when saying the sounds b, g, d, j, w and y). 

Children are taught to ‘Fred’ talk words by sounding out and blending to read. m_a_t .

Children are taught to spell by hearing and saying sounds in a word before writing them down. We call this using ‘Fred’ fingers.

 Phonics Games Online

Click on the images below to play games online to practise your phonics.

Phonics Play


 drralph / F15F_Literacy

In Year 1, most children will take home three books a week. These books are changed weekly but on different days so please ensure that their reading books are always in their book bags.

Take Home Books.jpg

We aim to foster a love of reading in the children as they learn to read - storytime is an important part of our day! Our English lessons also use high quality children's literature as a stimulus for writing.

As well as daily phonics, the children participate in a daily guided reading carousel of activities. This session is more focused on your child's comprehension skills and exposure to a range of different reading texts. Across the school we use Reading VIPERS question types to help teach children how to comprehend when reading and understand comprehension questions.

Reading Vipers

In the file section below see the question resource to help you adopt this strategy at home too.

Storytime is a part of the day that children also love.  

Here are some of our favourite class books:


Reading is the single most important thing for your child's education. Please aim to read with your child EVERY day and record this in their Reading Journal - this includes sharing books.

There are also lots of ways to access texts online. YouTube has lots of new books for your child to enjoy! Amazon also has free children's ebooks on their website - as does Oxford Owl.



Year 1 Reading goals:




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