Our PSHE key learning question for Autumn 1 is

'What is different and the same about us?'.

Our focus this term is:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

ELG: Self-Regulation

- Show an understanding of their own feelings and those of others, and begin to regulate their behaviour accordingly;

- Set and work towards simple goals, being able to wait for what they want and control their immediate impulses when appropriate;

- Give focused attention to what the teacher says, respond appropriately even when engaged in the activity, and show an ability to follow instructions involving several ideas or actions.


ELG: Managing Self

- Be confident to try new activities and show independence, resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges;

- Explain the reasons for rules, know right from wrong and try to behave accordingly;

- Manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs, including dressing, going to the toilet and understanding the importance of healthy food choices.


ELG: Building Relationships

- Work and play cooperatively and take turns with others;

- Form positive attachments to adults and friendships with peers;

- Show sensitivity to their own and to others’ needs



Curriculum coverage: 

H21. to recognise what makes them special

H22. to recognise the ways in which we are all unique

H23. to identify what they are good at, what they like and dislike

H24. how to manage when finding things difficult

H25. to name the main parts of the body including external genitalia (e.g. vulva, vagina, penis, testicles)

R13. to recognise that some things are private and the importance of respecting privacy; that parts of their body covered by underwear are private

R23. to recognise the ways in which they are the same and different to others

L6. to recognise the ways they are the same as, and different to, other people

L14. that everyone has different strengths



The children have lots of movement breaks and do yoga. They are also practising mindfulness - the art of slowing down, relaxing and paying attention to yourself! If you would like to practise at home, Cosmic Kids on YouTube is a great online resource.