Our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) Unit this term is:

'How can we manage risk in different places?'

It comes from the Core Unit, Health and Wellbeing.

We will be looking at:
  • how to recognise, predict, assess and manage risk in different situations
  • how to keep safe in the local environment and less familiar locations (e.g. near rail, water, road; fire/firework safety; sun safety and the safe use of digital devices when out and about)
  • how people can be influenced by their peers’ behaviour and by a desire for peer approval; how to manage this influence
  • how people’s online actions can impact on other people
  • how to keep safe online, including managing requests for personal information and recognising what is appropriate to share or not share online
  • how to report concerns, including about inappropriate online content and contact
  • that rules, restrictions and laws exist to help people keep safe and how to respond if they become aware of a situation that is anti-social or against the law

Our PSHE Targets for this unit are:
H12. about the benefits of sun exposure and risks of overexposure; how to keep safe from sun damage and sun/heat stroke and reduce the risk of skin cancer
H37. reasons for following and complying with regulations and restrictions (including age restrictions); how  they  promote  personal safety and wellbeing with reference  to  social media, television  programmes,  films,  games  and  online  gaming
H38. how to predict, assess and manage risk in different situations
H41. strategies  for  keeping  safe  in  the  local  environment or unfamiliar places (rail, water, road) and firework safety; safe use of digital devices when out and about
H42. about the importance of keeping personal information private; strategies for keeping safe online, including how to manage requests for personal information or images of themselves and others; what to do if frightened or worried by something seen or read online and how to report concerns, inappropriate content and contact
H47. to recognise that there are laws surrounding the use of legal drugs and that some drugs are illegal to own, use and give to others
R12. to recognise what it means to ‘know someone online’ and how this differs from knowing someone face-to-face; risks of communicating online with others not known face-to-face
R15. strategies for recognising and managing peer influence and a desire for peer approval in friendships; to recognise the effect of online actions on others
R23. about why someone may behave differently online, including pretending to be someone they are not; strategies for recognising risks, harmful content and contact; how to report concerns
R24. how to respond safely and appropriately to adults they may encounter (in all contexts including online) whom they do not know
R28. how to recognise pressure from others to do something unsafe or that makes them feel uncomfortable and strategies for managing this
R29. where to get advice and report concerns if worried about their own or someone else’s personal safety (including online)
L1. to recognise reasons for rules and laws; consequences of not adhering to rules and laws
L5. ways of carrying out shared responsibilities for protecting the environment in school and at home; how everyday choices can affect the environment (e.g. reducing, reusing, recycling; food choices)
L15. recognise things appropriate to share and things that should not be shared on social media; rules surrounding distribution of images


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