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Here are the Daily Prayers we use at school:



Religious Education:

In our RE lessons in Autumn 2, the children will be completing two units on Christianity.


Unit 1:  What is the Story of Noah Really About? (2 weeks)

This unit builds on pupil’s knowledge of the creation story and the first sin committed by Adam and Eve.

What This Unit Teaches:

  • There are different interpretations and understandings of the story of Noah;

  • God chose to cleanse His creation of sin;

  • God gives grace and second chances;

  • God never gives up on his ‘plan;’

  • God has made a covenant with His creation.

2010 Noah's ark painting | framed paintings for sale


Unit 2:  Incarnation: Nativity Characters - Which Character Are You? Why Are You Important? 

This unit builds on learning from reception where they considered why Christmas is special for Christians.

What This Unit Teaches:

  • Bible stories – The Nativity Story;

  • What Christians believe about the Nativity;

  • The importance of the Characters, who they were, and how they impacted on the lives of others;

  • Christian living, the Church, ordinary people;

  • Belonging and the importance of love, tolerance, respect and faith.


Stained Glass Nativity

By the end of these units your child should be able to do:  (Assessment)

AT1: Learning about Religion - Focus: Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

I can remember a Christian story and talk about it

AT2: Learning from Religion - Focus: Meaning, Purpose and Truth

I can talk about what I find interesting or puzzling




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