Religious Education:

During Autumn 1, we are completing a unit on Judaism and another unit on Christianity.

The first unit is called 'What Is It Like To Live as a Jew?'

What This Unit Teaches:

The children will learn about the significance of symbols, important traditions and different ways of living in Juadism in these lessons. 

Lesson 1 - Why are these objects so special? 

Lesson 2 - What is it like to live like a Jew?

Lesson 3 - What is the Torah and How Is It Used in the Jewish Faith?

Lesson 4 - What is the importance of Shabbat within the Jewish faith?

Lesson 5 - How Do Jews Worship In a Synagogue?

Lesson 6 - How Do Jews Worship? 


Our attainment targets for this unit are: 

Curriculum Coverage AT1: Learning About Religion

Focus: Forms of expression

I can recognise religious art, symbols and words and talk about them. (Jewish)

Curriculum coverage AT2: Learning From Religion

Focus: Identity and belonging

I can talk about things that happen to me.