Religious Education

Our Daily Prayers

These are the prayers we say each day. We pray in the morning, before lunchtime and at the end of the day.

 RE Learning Summer 1

Our topic question is: Who is Jesus?




Have a read below to see our two assessment targets for this unit of learning.

Assessment Target 1

Learning about Religion

Beliefs, Teachings and Sources


To know the characteristics of a good shepherd and understand why Jesus refers to himself as a shepherd and what this means for Christians.

To make a connection between a physical vine and a spiritual vine;

To make links between Jesus’ “I am. . .” statement about being resurrection and life and the Christian belief about death, resurrection and eternal life.


To be able to explain the symbolism for Christians of each of the 7 “I am... ” statements of Jesus.

Assessment Target 2

Learning from Religion

Meaning Purpose and Truth


To reflect on how the words of Jesus can nourish and sustain Christians.

To reflect on dark and difficult times in life and the ‘light source’ that has helped overcome the darkness.

To reflect on the people who are important to them, how those people care for them, and how and why they are their good shepherd.

To reflect on what is important in their life, the importance of belonging and how that informs who they and other people are and what they and other people are like.

To ask questions about life after death and provide answers that refer to the Christian belief of resurrection.