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Religious Education

Religious Education 

This half term (Autumn 2 2023), the religion we are learning about the religion is Christianity. Our learning questions for this topic is 'What can we learn from Wisdom?' and 'How do art and music convey Christmas?



Our targets for Religious Education are:

Curriculum Coverage AT1: Learning About Religion

Focus: Beliefs, teachings and sources

I can explain what worship is in the Christian faith;
Develop and awareness of what liturgy is and how it is used in Christian worship;
Explore prayer in a range of styles and words used by Christians and understand how prayer is central to worship;
Explore the expression of religious beliefs in a range of musical styles and words used by Christians and understand how music can enhance Christian worship;
Explore the expression of Christian worship around the world.


Curriculum coverage AT2: Learning From Religion

Focus: Meaning, purpose and truth

  • Reflect on different ways of expressing beliefs about God.

  • Make links between these teachings to their own life and thoughts.

  • Reflect on the places that are special for us.

  • Reflect on the meaning of the word worship and understand its significance to Christians.

  • Consider how we show our love and concern for our friends and school community.

Here are the Daily Prayers we use at school:





Check out our Class Blog page for some of our class reflections on this topic!

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