During our English sessions in 'Summer 1',

we will be using the following texts:'Until I Met Dudley' by Roger Mc Gough and Chris Riddel  and  'The Story of Tutankhamun' by Patricia Cleveland-Peck.


We will be focusing on:       

Outcomes: Explanatory poster, letter, short explanatory paragraph

Main outcome: Two explanation texts - formal and informal

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered how a toaster works? Or a fridge-freezer, or a washing-up machine? In this fun-filled book of how things work, Dudley, the techno-wizard dog, provides the answers.


Outcomes:Non-chronological reports, instructions, character descriptions, diary entry, newspaper reports and posters

Main outcome: Biography of Tutankhamun

Synopsis: Discover the troubles Tutankhamun faced as a young king, his untimely death, and his legacy, which lay hidden for centuries. Pore over his treasures, learn the steps of mummification, and see Tutankhamun's fascinating story bought to life.


We will be using the book to cover all our writing objectives - including grammar and punctuation. At the end of each week, we will be completing a piece of Extended Writing, it might be based on the book but we will also be doing some cross-curricular writing - writing with a Science, History or RE link.

These are the writing expectations for your children by the end of Year 4. It outlines the key skills they should know by the end of the year.