Sports' Day 2021

Lesson: Physical education

We enjoyed a really fantastic Sports’ Day last Friday in Burgess Park Cricket Field. The weather stayed dry and the sun even shone for most of the day. Once again, the day was organised extremely well by the staff of St George’s and a special thanks go to Mr Francisco and Miss Katrina who led the event brilliantly. I would also like to thank Miss Claire who had many roles on the day but her official adjudicator role and tallying up the final results was a mammoth task.

It was so nice to have the whole school out and all participating well in all events and showing great sportsmanship. The children also enjoyed the special visit from Mr. Sher’s Ice cream van who provided all with a lovely treat. 

We really look forward to hosting sports day again next year with parents too.

Please see the photos below of a very successful sports day.