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At St George's, we follow a Maths Mastery approach, which means that we will always use what we already know to make connections in our new maths learning. In Year 1, this involves lots of fun activities, giving the children the chance to practically explore.


Autumn 2

This half term, we are really focussing on our understanding of number; teaching for mastery means that we go slowly and make sure that everyone has a deep understanding.

 We will be covering two units from Spine 1: Number, Addition and Subtraction

Spine 1 images.PNG

Maths Autumn 2.PNG




Please login in to Mathletics weekly and complete the set tasks. I will be managing these activities to suit our curriculum focus each week and can view your activities, time spent and achievements from my teacher page. I have heard how fantastic you all were at doing this in Reception, so let's keep this up now we are in Year 1 and earn lots of points! 

Click on the image below to login. If you don't know your login details please send me an email. 

Daily Counting

It is essential that children practise their counting skills daily. 



Maths Learning Online

Click on the images below for more activities and games to support your learning. Choose activities that match the week's topic if you can. 

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