What are we reading in class?

During Summer 1, we will be looking at 'How does a Lighthouse work' by Roman Belyaev and 'Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carro.


Have you ever wondered how a lighthouse works, what’s really inside them or why they’re painted in unusual patterns? This beautifullyillustrated book allows us to depart on an enchanting voyage with a group of school children to discover the answers to these questionsalong with other fascinating facts about lighthouses and how they work.



It’s World War 2 in London. Olive and her brother Cliff are watching watching a film at the picture house. Sukie – their older sister - disappears not long after they had settled in their seats to watch that week’s feature, asking that the siblings wait for her in the foyer after the film has finished. Except the air-raid siren sounds and the cinema is evacuated.








We will be using our Reading VIPERS to help us to answer questions.



Reading is one of the most important things you can do to improve your education. You need to remember to read at least 3 times a week and write your reading down in your Reading Record. Your parents also need to sign to say they agree with the amount of times you are reading.

Parents, it is also helpful if you listen to your child read at least once or twice in a week just to check they are reading properly. There is a list of reading prompts to support you and your child reading at home at the bottom of the page.

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